Family Rooms

We have 5 comfortable family rooms at the French Lodge International.

Family Room 1 - Perpignan
1 Double bed, 1 Single bed & 1 set of bunk beds

Family Room 2 - Honfleur
1 King Size bed, 2 sets of Single beds

Family Room 3 - Chamonix
1 Double bed & 2 Single Beds

Family Room 4 - St Malo
1 King Size bed, 2 sets of  Single beds

Family Room 5 - Sete
1 King Size bed, 1 Single bed & 1 set of bunk beds

*PLEASE NOTE: If you require a room for 2 people and reserve a room suitable for more than 2 and do not specify that there will be more people in your group or that you require 1 bed per occupant, French Lodge International reserves the right to move your booking to a better suited unit. Contact us for more information.

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Family Room
Family Room